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Pico Laser Treatment for Melasma, Pores, Wrinkles, Asian & Skin of Colour


  • 30 – 47% off pico toning, pico pigment, pico melasma and pico rejuv.
  • Up to 50% from $110 per session in a package for pico carbon facial.

Pico lasers are the newest development in laser technology. Commonly used for Asian and ‘skin with colour’ or melasma,  they flash at a picosecond speed, allowing a wide variety of safe treatment options. These include pico toning, pico pigmentation treatment and pico laser facials. Pico laser treatment is safer for lightening pigmentation and melasma. At Pearl, we specialise in pico laser treatment across all skin types, from Asian and darker skin to fair skin types, as well as laser tattoo removal. Call us on 07 3350 5447 for a free consultation with our laser therapists or book online.

Pico Laser Consultation


SALE - Pico Laser

Single Treatment


Usually $380

SALE - Pico Package

3 Treatments


Usually $1140

Carbon Laser 3 Pack


Single Treatments $165

Pico laser skin rejuvenation before and after.

*Pico laser skin rejuvenation – results are individual.

Pico laser pigmentation treatment before and after.

*Pico laser pigmentation treatment before and after – results are individual.

Pico laser tattoo removal before and after photo.

Pico laser tattoo removal before and after photo – results are individual.

Picocare laser photo

Picocare Laser.

Picosecond Laser  Treatment Options:

  • Pico toning
  • Pico laser facial
  • Pigmentation treatment – skin whitening by reducing uneven pigmentation for melasma, age spots & freckles.
  • Skin rejuvenation –  skin tightening and treating facial lines and wrinkles.
  • Enlarged pores – minimising enlarged pores.
  • Acne scar treatment – acne scarring in all skin types.
  • Laser tattoo removal

Pico Toning

Pico toning is a new treatment concept made possible because of the picosure laser.  Unlike older laser technology, picosecond lasers produce laser-induced optical breakdown (LIOB) when focused on the skin. LIOB are microscopic vacuoles or micro, small areas of tissue damage surrounded by intact skin. These micro areas of injury result in an inflammatory response, triggering collagen repair and remodelling.  The results are skin texture improvement, decreased facial wrinkles, pore size, and acne scars.

  • Pico toning the skin remains intact.
  • There is no anaesthesia, and pico toning is well tolerated.
  • Pico toning can rejuvenate the skin of colour safely.

Pico Laser Facial

Pico laser facial can refer to two different treatment options. They vary depending on your skin type.

  • In Asian and skin types high three and above, a pico laser facial can refer to the pico toning procedure. Because darker skin types have more pigment focussing a laser onto the skin attracts the laser beam. So when performing a pico laser facial, not only can the skin rejuvenation occur, but also pigmentation is lessened.
  • In lighter skin types (where the skin is whiter), a carbon paste is massaged into the skin before laser treatment. The carbon paste, of course, then acts as the chromophore to attract the laser for a therapeutic effect. This pico laser facial is also called the Carbon laser facial or china doll facial because, after treatment, your skin is porcelain smooth.

Pico Laser Treatment For Pigmentation

With shorter pulses of the picosecond lasers and photo-acoustic breaking down of the pigment,  pico lasers provide targeted and safer pigmentation treatment with less dermal heating than older laser technology.  Less skin heating means pico laser treatment for pigmentation is significantly safer in darker skin types.  Pico lasers can also be used for melasma treatment.

Pico Laser for Skin Rejuvenation

Picosecond lasers have gained a central place for skin rejuvenation, acne scars, enlarged pores and fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Pico laser skin rejuvenation is genuinely a no-downtime treatment, with mild redness for a day or so, the only after-effect.
  • In addition, Pico laser skin rejuvenation treatment revolutionised skin texture treatment of Asian and darker skin colours.
  • The skin texture improvements seen with picosecond lasers occur over a series of one to three treatments (or more).
  • Predominantly introduced as facial treatment, the Picosure laser is also used on the arms, hand, neck and decolletage.

Pico Laser for Acne Scars

Picosecond laser treatment for acne scars uses picosecond technology to target areas of acne scarring. Pico laser treatment approach for acne scars once again depends on the skin colour. Darker skin tones having a natural pigment, a pico toning or a general rejuvenation approach can be taken. However, in lighter skin colour, a technique called laser subscision is required.

Pico Laser for Pores

With darker skin types, pico laser facial with pico toning, whereas in lighter skin types, either a carbon laser facial or subcision for deep enlarged pores.

Picocare vs Picosure for Tattoo Removal

Picosure was the first picosecond laser for tattoo removal. However, the original picosure lacked power and wavelength versatility and was not the best laser for tattoo removal. So the second-generation lasers, such as the Picocare and Picoplus, stepped in. Both have higher power as well as four wavelengths to treat all tattoo colours successfully.

Picosure vs Picocare and Picoplus

Picosure was the first picosecond laser and the newest laser technology innovation. However, Picosure has been surpassed by more powerful 2nd generation lasers Picocare 450 and Picoplus.

Pico lasers are the newest generation lasers that operate at picosecond flash speed. Before this, the fastest lasers were nanosecond lasers. Both of these are very fast, and does a picosecond make a difference compared to a nanosecond? It turns out it does. Once the light flash becomes that quick, the lasers work by the photo-acoustic shattering (light-sound), whereas nanosecond lasers work by photo-thermolysis (light – heat destruction). The physics of this is complicated, but it opened a whole range of treatment options and provided safer treatments for pigmentation and rejuvenation in the skin of colour, acne scars, melasma, and enlarged pores.

  • Picocare and Picosure laser treatments have a lower risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation than older Q switched lasers due to less skin heating.
  • It is also more comfortable and
  • requires fewer treatments than nanosecond lasers.
  • Treatment of more pigmentation tones, especially problematic pigmentation like melasma, requires more wavelengths.
  • The Picocare and Picoplus lasers have higher peak power than the Picosure laser for tattoo removal.

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