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Dr David Ballantyne | Cosmetic Doctor

David Specialises in PDO Thread Lifts and Total Facial Treatments using a Combination Approach.

David graduated in medicine from Melbourne University in 2009, and soon after completing hospital training, he moved into Cosmetic medicine. With extensive cosmetic medicine experience, he understands individualized treatment plans using a multidisciplinary approach involving laser therapy, skin treatments and how it fits with cosmetic injectables.  He is experienced in advanced dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and PDO threads. He completed the Cosmetic Medicine Diploma with ACMAS in 2014 and continues to update his knowledge by attending Australian and international cosmetic medicine conferences.
David moved to Melbourne from Canada in 2004 to attend Medical School and relocated to the Sunshine Coast in 2011. David currently lives with his Labrador Hilda and become a proud Australian Citizen in 2020.

Dr Shadi Khalili | Cosmetic Doctor

Specialises in Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty & Cosmetic Injections 

Shadi is a medical fellow of Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery(ACCS), and Board Certified cosmetic physician with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She joined the Skin Revision Team in 2011. Shadi is a believer in enhancing everyone’s unique beauty.  So she offers a customised treatment plan based on your aesthetic assessment. Shadi specialises in facial contouring using combinations of cosmetic injectables. She is skilled in Non-surgical rhinoplasty. 

Shadi is passionate about animal welfare and is vegan. She donates money and time to animal welfare and is the proud adoptee mother of a 10-year old shelter cat named Dasha. 

Dr Alex Ha | Cosmetic Doctor

Alex Specialises  Thread lifting, Lipodissolve, Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic Injections & Injectable Rejuvenation

Dr Alex is a professional member of the Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine.  He specialises in thread lifting, Lipodissolve, and advanced techniques for collagen stimulation across the face, neck, and decolletage.  He does phenomenal work with specialised dermal filler treatments, including the nose, tear troughs, chins, jawline, cheeks and temples.  Dr Alex graduated from the University of NSW with a Bachelor of Science (Medicine), Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. He spent the early years of his medical career at Redcliffe and Caboolture Hospitals before completing his Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2008 and moving into Cosmetic medicine.

Dr Sara Bhatti | Cosmetic Doctor

Sara specialises in Thread Lifts,  cosmetic injectables, cosmetic dermatology & gut health effects on skin & ageing.

Dr Sara’s focus is on thread lifts, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers. With her gentle, artistic approach, Sara aims for harmonious, natural and aesthetic results that build confidence and trust. She believes the best outcomes are achieved by understanding and tailoring treatments to age, gender and individual needs. She has a passionate belief in beauty from the inside out and the use of wellness and gut healing protocol to settle inflammatory skin conditions and aging.  Sara trained in various medical and surgical specialties before following her passion to specialise in cosmetic medicine and dermatological therapies.
Sara loves exploring the great outdoors –  bike riding, bushwalking, 4 wheel driving – all things outside with friends and family. She also cooks a mean curry!

Courtney | Clinical Nutritionist & Naturopath

Courtney has a long passion for health and well-being; first pursuing a personal trainer career, she realised many individuals require more than daily exercise and healthy food ideas to achieve their desired health goals. After battling her own health issues and working with a clinical naturopath to resolve them, she understood naturopathy’s ability to re-establish health and it reset her life purpose. Courtney is passionate about nutrition and enjoys treating gut healing (IBS, malabsorption, food intolerances, autoimmune), skin conditions (acne, psoriasis, rosacea), mental health (eating disorders, anxiety, depression, OCD, panic attacks, sleep disorders, high stress, irritability), and endocrine disturbances (fatigue, fibromyalgia, thyroid imbalances).

What Courtney loves: recharging outdoors through mountain climbing, hiking, beach days and surfing.

Emma | Laser, Skin & Body Therapist

Emma Specialises in Laser & Dermal Therapy

Emma has been in the aesthetic industry since 2013, first starting as a beauty therapist and then advancing into a dermal therapist and laser technician in 2017. She has a great interest in skin biology and treating all types of skin conditions and concerns. Currently, Emma works with us 3 days a week. She is studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) as she truly believes in the science of nutrition, traditional and herbal medicines for optimal gut, skin and overall health.

In her spare time, Emma goes to the gym, visits friends and family on the Gold Coast (where she is from), likes to read spiritual and self-development books and plan her next holiday!

Christina | Body & Skin Therapist

Specialises in Body Treatments, Skin Therapies & BBL. 

Christina started working in the Beauty Industry in 2015, first working with luxury brands before moving to dermal therapy in 2018.  Christina joined our team in 2019 and has become our lead body therapist. Christina has a passion for body sculpting as well as skin therapy and BBL. She has a can-do attitude and a wicked sense of humour, but her biggest attribute is the care she provides. 

Christina has her hands full with her 4-year-old Noah and baby Thomas – keeping her busy! Christina enjoys gardening, camping with her family, and taking her rescue greyhound, Becca, for long walks.

Cat | Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist

Cat Specialises in Laser Tattoo Removal.

Cat has a specialised interest in laser tattoo removal. However, she performs all laser at Pearl. Cat stumbled into tattoo removal when she had a tattoo removed herself. She became fascinated with learning how to help other people. So from personal experience, she developed a thorough understanding of the process and performs tattoo removal to a high standard with precision and care.  Cat has 15 years of laser experience, and she has open laser licences for Tattoo Removal, Skin Rejuvenation & Pigmentation. Cat is a laser trainer for those acquiring licences according to Radiation & QLD Health protocols and qualified for cosmetic eyebrow tattoo removal. 

Cat is interested in wellness and gut healing, as well as yoga and spirituality. Cat is our Zen mother; she is a qualified Yoga teacher and vegan, bringing a calm deep breathe to Pearl.  Cat now performs specialised tattooing as well as removing them!


Anna | Body & Skin Therapist

Anna Specialises in Body & Skin Therapy.

Anna has a passion for body sculpting and skin therapy.  She loves helping in client transformations and the journey to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin!  “It is the best industry to work in.” Anna has been trained in the new approach Pearl takes to skin barrier, microbiome and gut health. 

When Anna is not working, you will find her at one of three places; the gym, the beach, or literally trying to pat every dog that passes her by.  ‘Anna is a dog whisperer – and as much as she loves them, they love her. ‘ 

Millie | Body & Skin Therapist

Millie Specialises in Body Treatments & Skin Therapy.

Millie joins our team making a flip from being a Paramedic to the beauty industry. The decision to switch into the magic world of cosmetic medicine & wellness came from her personal story. Millie was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2017 and had to undergo many rounds of chemotherapy, this helped her transition from medical work to the beauty industry.  ” I know what it was like to not feel comfortable in your own skin. I hope that I can make many people feel beautiful and better about themselves regardless of what they are going through. I wish I had this experience when I was struggling to find my inner beauty through chemo.” Millie has a  passionate interest in nutrition and wellness. 

Millie is a bodybuilder and has competed in athletic competitions. She is back in training 5 days a week,  hoping to compete again at the end of 2021!


Michelle | Cosmetic Tattooist

Michelle Specialises in Brow Tattooing 

Michelle joins the team, after moving with her husband and toddler from South Africa where she spent over a decade honing her skills as a laser and skin therapist as well as brow tattoo specialist. It was taking up microblading of eyebrows where she found her real passion in the cosmetic industry. Michelle qualified in Skin Care in 2005, worked in London for a time before specialising in aesthetics, training, learning and working with doctors, dermatologists and a plastic surgeon, honing her skills as a laser and skin therapist. So you can chat with her about your skin while she is creating you a beautiful set of eyebrows and she will refer you to one of our skilled therapists for your specific needs and concerns. 

Michelle enjoys running and participating in sports. She loves spending time with her little family, adores nature, animals and any outdoor activity as well as camping, socialising, eating and a good glass of wine! 

Vicky | Cosmetic Tattooist

Specialises in hair tattoo, scalp micropigmentation and brow tattooing for mature ladies. 

Vicky has been a Beauty therapist since 2000 and discovered she was most passionate about brows so started training in cosmetic tattooing in 2009. Since then Vicky has actively participated in courses every year updating skills and training in other areas. She trained in scalp micropigmentation and paramedical tattooing in 2016.
Vicky specialises in creating a natural look that suits everyday life,  tattooing women and men ages 18-81 years! She believes it’s important to create an individual look for each person, not a one look fits all just because it’s the current style! 
Vicky is a mum of 4  active boys and spends a lot of time outdoors, running her boys around to football and mountain climbing – her favourite! 

Olivia | Practice Manager

Olivia specialises in keeping the team and clinic on track, ensuring you have an enjoyable experience with us. 

Olivia started her beauty career in New Zealand before moving to Austalia. She combined her love
for the beauty industry, people and organisation (aka post-it notes!), moving into the Practice Manager position at Pearl MediSpa. Olivia brings her passion, knowledge and creative mind to business management. 

Olivia is a proud Kiwi, animal lover and Vegan. She spends her time off adventuring and camping with friends.  Whenever she can, she loves to explore this amazing country she now calls home.

Lizzy | Head Receptionist

Lizzy specialises in making your visits run smoothly and making sure everyone feels welcome.

Lizzy joined the team in 2020 with many years of experience in reception and administration within corporate and client-focused organisations.  Lizzy is currently studying Photography, Graphic design and Digital Marketing and brings a creative flair to the team as well as organising the front desk. Lizzy thrives on providing excellent customer service for you – our lovely clients, to make sure your visits run smoothly and professionally. 

Lizzy enjoys hosting themed dinner parties with an eclectic taste in cuisine.  She also likes live music events, doing band photography and has a penchant for art galleries and museums.


Dr Jo | Owner, Business Management & Marketing

Specialises in Marketing, Website & Business Management

Dr Jo started Pearl Medispa (formerly Skin Revision) in 2006 to provide North Brisbane with a quality cosmetic medicine clinic. What motivated her initial move into cosmetic medicine was the wrinkles that started to appear on her face. “There has got to be something done about this”! What started as a personal quest became her best career move.

In 2021 she rebranded and renamed the business Pearl Medispa, integrating wellness and gut health with traditional cosmetic medicine. This grew out of the science and knowledge that had emerged over the 15 years. The understanding that gut health determined many facets of cosmetic medicine, including inflammatory skin conditions, aging, weight management, meant to do their job truly, the business had to change. Pearl is a traditional symbol of beauty and wisdom, as well as an ancient Chinese beauty adaptogen. So it represented perfectly the integration of natural health and wellness. Dr Jo works on the marketing and management aspect of operations and mainly online. Though she still loves to come in and catch up with clients, some of whom have been Skin Revision and now Pearl family since the first year! 

Dr Jo trains in kickboxing and has attended several Muay Thai camps in Thailand. Her favourite vacation is travelling, especially to Cambodia, with her biggest loves – her two granddaughters!

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