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Gut Skin Axis

How Your Gut and Skin Communicate for Healthy Skin

The gut-skin axis merely refers to how the gut communicates and impacts skin health and aesthetic appearance. We approach inflammatory skin disorders, aging and weight from the outside in and inside out because of this link. In addition, clinical studies have demonstrated the gut microbiome’s contribution to the presentation and resolution of several aesthetic concerns, and dietary intervention in settling these issues is emerging. So what is the gut-skin axis, and why is it essential for optimal skin health?

What is the Gut-Skin axis?

The gut-skin axis describes how your gut and skin work together for optimal skin health. The skin has its microbiome, which impacts inflammation, immune function and protection of itself locally. The skin microbiome has the primary responsibility of protecting your skin barrier. However, the gut microbiome and health impact every cell’s function,  including your skin. So it becomes obvious why maintaining gut health is essential for beautiful skin.

How Does the Gut Communicate with your Skin?

The gut microbiome influences the skin and body through complex immune and metabolic mechanisms. How do your microbiota and gut cells achieve this?

A healthy gut has a rich diversity of bacteria, including many good bacteria that we rely on for healthy skin. Suppose we feed our gut microbes with the right food – fibre, various antioxidant-rich (colourful) plant foods, and omega-three oils. In that case, these friendly gut bacteria produce metabolites called short-chained fatty acids like butyrate. Short-chained fatty acids are like manna for our gut, brain, and skin cells (every cell in your body). They provide inflammation settling, healing, energy a  whole host of benefits for correct function.

Diet & Gut healing for beautifully radiant skin.

The role of diet,  healthy gut cells, intact, tight junctions, diverse, healthy microbiome, prebiotics and probiotics have proven beneficial in the prevention and or treatment of inflammatory skin diseases, acne, AD,  psoriasis, rosacea, control of weight, prevention of aging skin changes, hair loss, skin sensitivity and maybe some skin pigmentary disorder. Microbiota impacts skin barrier function, hair growth, oil production, skin acidity, and TEWL.

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Short Chained Fatty Acids (SCFAs) are metabolites produced by commensal gut bacteria when consuming fibre as food.

The Gut Microbiome as a Major Regulator of the Gut-Skin Axis

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Microbiota in Rosacea