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Dry, Wrinkly or Veiny Hands | Hand Filler | Laser Hand Treatment Brisbane

As we age, our skin thins, and we can lose volume in our hands, making the veins more obvious

Hand ageing is characterised by fat loss with increased visibility of veins, resulting in veiny hands. Furthermore, sun damage is to blame for the appearance of age spots on the hands and wrinkly and dry hands. Hand filler is available to smooth out wrinkles and reduce the veiny appearance. Age spots can be treated with laser or IPL; Hand creams have a place, but even the best anti-aging skincare has limitations. You can either book for filler consult with our doctors or a laser consult with our nurse.

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*Wrinkly, veiny hands treatment with filler before and after photo – results are individual

Hand Filler for Veiny Hands

The appearance of veins and tendons on the backs of hands is called veiny hands. Because fat atrophies faster on the hands than other body parts, veiny hands are a natural part of ageing. Replacing lost volume is the goal of hand treatments to conceal prominent veins. To restore volume, fat transfer or hand fillers are commonly used.

Wrinkly Hands Treatment

Severe damage and elastosis are the causes of dry and wrinkly hands. The resulting damage alters the skin’s surface layers, impairing its ability to retain moisture. As a result, no matter how much anti-aging hand cream is applied, the hands remain dry and wrinkly. Good anti-aging hand creams can be beneficial. However, hand fillers with skin boosters or biostimulator fillers provide good results. Additional resurfacing treatments with laser hand rejuvenation or RF (radiofrequency) are required to improve sun-damaged dry hands.

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Hand Aging: As we get older, our hands change. The skin becomes rougher, more sun-damaged, and wrinkled, and the veins become more visible as the hands lose fat volume and change to all layers of skin.

  • Unfortunately, fat redistributes from the hand and faces to the tummy and hips; fat loss is responsible for the veiny gaunt appearance of hands.
  • The dermis collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid decrease with sun damage, and the thinning of the dermis and loss of support structure are responsible for hand wrinkles.
  • The skin barrier is impaired, meaning the skin of the hand is less able to retain moisture; this is responsible for the dry hand appearance.
  • Pigmentation deposits into the dermis and epidermis result in discolouration and age spots on the hands

What Does Hand Dermal Filler Address?

Different classes of fillers can be used in the hands to address all issues with hands except the pigmentation spots. A laser or BBL will be needed for this type of hand treatment. The lack of volume in the hands: hand filler can replace the volume of the hands, giving them a much younger appearance. Hand wrinkles filler can rejuvenate skin and improve texture and quality.

  • Bioremodelling hand fillers injected under the dermis assist with surface wrinkle reduction, improving texture and quality of the skin, reduction in the appearance of veiny hands, as well as possibly inducing an increase in fat volume (the jury still out on subcutaneous fat stimulation with the bioremodelling hand fillers)
  • Biostimulator filler helps with the boney appearance and may also help with surface rejuvenation. 
  • Skin booster hand fillers injected into the skin of the hand help reduce wrinkles.

Choosing the Best Hand  Filler

In the hands, we employ a variety of dermal fillers. Unfortunately, due to Australian regulations, we cannot use their names, making it difficult to discuss how they compare and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Hand fillers are generally safe and well tolerated, with excellent results.
  • Skin boosters are great for hand skin improvement rather than volumisation. 2ml required. Four treatments
  • Bio Remodelling hand filler may be the best in the long run, but the jury is still out on this off-label use. Multiple syringes: 4- 6 ml required. 2 treatments, then top-ups 6-12 Monthly.
  • Biostimulator Filler for hands is a prevalent hand treatment. As well as immediate filling results, it does have some long-lasting effects because of biostimulation. 3mls required. One treatment every six months

Hand Filler Cost

  • Skin Booster Hand Filler – $699 per ml
  • Bioremodeller Hand Filler – $900 per 2ml
  • Biostimulator Hand Filler – $990 per 1.5 ml

Results and Recovery from Hand Dermal Filler

The dose needed for hand filling varies according to the degree of severity and presentation of the hands. We typically begin with 1-2mls of dermal filler in each hand, and 1-3 treatments may be necessary. The dermal filler will have an immediate effect. Dermal fillers in the hands have the following side effects and risks:

  • In a significant number of cases, bruising occurs.
  • In addition, swelling will appear at the injection site. This will last approximately 48 hours.
  • Asymmetry: When one side of a patient is treated better than the other, it is usually because the patient is asymmetrical.
  • Infection is an infrequent complication, but it is always possible when the needle is inserted into the skin.
  • Necrosis (blockage of a blood vessel, interfering with blood supply to the skin) is extremely rare.
  • Need for additional treatment: It may take several syringes of product action to get to where they want to be.

Most of the swelling caused by the dermal filler will have subsided within 2-3 days of the procedure. However, there may be some swelling up to 2-4 weeks after the process.

Laser Hand Rejuvenation

Laser on hands for age spots:

  • IPL and laser hand rejuvenation target age spots on the hands but do not affect skin remodelling. IPL and pigment hand laser treatments require 2-4 sessions.
  • The CO2 laser is an excellent choice for skin resurfacing, improving the texture of dry and wrinkly hands. One or two treatments are usually required. However, if there is a lack of fat, additional therapy with filler for the appearance of veiny hands will be required.
  • Chemical peels, specifically a TCA peel, are an excellent option because they remove damaged surface layers where hyperpigmentation resides, eliminating age spots. A series of 4-6 monthly sessions may be required.

Best Hand Cream for Anti-Aging

The best anti-aging hand cream for wrinkly or dry hands should contain retinol, exfoliants, and a moisturiser rich in natural moisturising factors and niacinamide. These are the same ingredients found in anti-aging skincare for your face.

Please book above for either a filler consult with our Doctors or Laser consult with our Nurse.